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animal cryotherapy

Local Cryo For Animals

Treat localized tissue damage and inflammation naturally. We deliver 5 minutes of pressurized nitrogen vapor to the desired areas to help relieve inflammation and pain. All creatures welcome (cats, dogs, horses, etc.) and we will work with you to provide the most comfortable, stress free environment possible. Please leave your pet in your car to check in and after checking in you will return to your car and when ready our staff will bring your through a separate entrance directly into the treatment room. 

When booking online, if you are unable to find a time, please call the spa directly so we may assist you.

Local Cryo For Animals May Help With:

Local Cryo For Animals

  • Local Cryo For Animals $40
  • 30 Day Unlimited Sessions $199.99
  • 6 Pack $210

*Ask about our package deals and other discounts at your appointment.*

If you would like to book more than one service, please call the spa at 605-391-1678